HD mineral core technology
full rigid mineral core flooring

budowa paneli winylowych z rdzeniem mineralnym

In our laboratories we’ve discovered an innovative combination of natural rock minerals and advanced polymers. Carefully selected proportion ensures maximum performance of the floor. Our HD mineral core provides extreme durability what have confirmed by giving 12 year guarantee. We are proud of the quality of our products free of phthalates and harmful plasticizers.

panele i podłogi winylowe Afirmax

and durability of natural rock minerals

panele i podłogi winylowe Afirmax

the flexibility
of modern polymers based on carbon molecules

& comfort

dzieci na panelach winylowych

as wood

panele winylowe cechy

real wood

Unique and realistic wood design selected from the most beautiful wood type in the world.
panele i podłogi winylowe Afirmax


Nice and silent in everyday use vinyl flooring brings comfort and serenity to everyday life.
panele winylowe cechy


Soft, delicate and mat finished flooring – the best representation of a real wood.
panele winylowe cechy

durability + stronger
+ locking system

HD Mineral Core primarily means extremely strong locking system what gives the whole flooring system a maximum durability. Despite of small thickness of the plank our locks are 2 times stronger than average LV T locks available on the market.
panele winylowe cechy


No need to be scared of water. Our floors are 100% waterproof. Frequent cleaning or spilled drinks are no longer dangerous to your floor. Without concerns you can connect your kitchen floor with the rest of your living space.
panele winylowe cechy


Very low thermal resistance of our floors means more effective use of the underfloor heating system. Thanks to HD Mineral Core less fuel is needed for floor heating and over 60% less carbon is released into the atmosphere from one household in Europe, each year.
panele winylowe cechy


HD Mineral Core also means high dimensional stability of the floor even in very sunny rooms. We offer at least 2 times higher dimensional stability of our floors in comparison to traditional LV T.
panele winylowe Afirmax, panele na płytki czy SKUWANIE PŁYTEK

as ceramic

panele wodoodporne i podłogi winylowe Afirmax, panele winylowe do łazienki