AFIRMAX solar Silenzer

Underlay for laminate panels destined for floor heating

Underlay dedicated for laminate panels and three-layer boards.
When we talk about floating system both the board (panel) and the base on which it’s laid determine floor’s properties, parameters and comfort.


The ideal underlay for underfloor heating, thanks to its very low thermal resistance and high conductivity, ensures effective use of underfloor heating. Due to its R-value of < 0.01 m2K/W, AFIRMAX SOLAR SILENZER is about 6-7 times more efficient than popular underlays available in many DIY stores (e.g. those made of foam with holes).


The fastest installation due to the easy roll out form and the 3 in 1 system. Underlay with integrated vapour barrier protects the floor against moisture, and the tape ensures tight and secure connection of the underlay strips. The high resistance to dynamic loads (DL) protects the floor for many years even in the most frequented areas. It meets the highest standards of EN 16354.


For high traffic areas such as corridors, waiting rooms or rooms where heavy objects are frequently moved (e.g. chairs with wheels), choose an underlay with the highest possible values for static pressure CS and dynamic pressure DL. The higher the CS and DL values, the better the underlay protects the click locking system against gaps or fractures. The DL parameter is best visualised as resistance to sustained and dynamic pressure – analogous to walking.


In our laboratory, we conduct a series of tests every day. One of them is the „chair test“. Underlays with high DL and CS values significantly increase the strength of the floor and protect the locks, allowing the floor to pass a test of 25,000 chair spins. This demanding test corresponds to 10 years of floor use.

Dimension: 6m x 1m / 6m2
Material: PUM
Thickness: 1,5 mm
Form: Roll
EAN: 5905167832356


Sound-absorbing mat for laminate flooring

Even high quality floors only show their full advantages when the underlay functions well as part of the flooring system. The underlay must take on important functions, because it is the basis for the professional installation of the floor.


MAX SILENZER underlay is 5 times faster to install thanks to the easy roll out. You do not need to buy additional foil because it is integrated in the underlay and fully protects it from moisture. The 3 in 1 system also includes double sided tape, which ensures a tight connection of adjacent strips of underlay without the need of buying any additional tape. Optimal size of the package – 6m2 is a guarantee of less waste and thus lesser expense. Additionally printed cutting lines facilitate precise cutting and limit losses caused by installation errors.


While it is not possible to completely eliminate the sound of floor use, it can be significantly reduced with the right underlay..


The reduction in footfall sound (RWS – Reflected Walking Sound) is given in percent (%) for laminate panels. MAX Silenzer underlay means 27% less noise in a room.

Dimension: 6m x 1m / 6m2
Material: PUM
Thickness: 2 mm
Form: Roll
EAN: 5905167832363