Special use underlay for vinyl flooring

Underlay for vinyl is prepared specially to meet the most stringent standards imposed by panel manufacturers.


According to the recommendations of MMFA (Multilayer Modular Flooring Association) the minimum static load for vinyl floors should be CS>200 kPa, but the recommended value is CS>400 kPa. The AFIRMAX SOLID STEP underlay is characterized by CS>550 kPa, which ensures the highest protection for the locks.


Underlay under SOLID STEP panels is also a perfect solution for floor heating thanks to very low thermal resistance R< 0.004 m2K/W.

Dimension: 6m x 1m / 6m2
Material: PUM
Thickness: 1,1 mm
Form: Roll
EAN: 5905167831687


Underlay for vinyl panels destined for floor heating

Underlay dedicated to vinyl flooring, top quality ensures safety and comfort of floor use for many years. Polyurethane-mineral underlay, made with the use of the latest technology, ensures the protection of locks with CS>400kPa. CS (compressive strength) means resistance to pressure, underlay with high CS provides protection of panel snap joints.


The underlay has been tested in a standardized test – castor chair, and provides resistance to a full 25,000 cycles, which means 10 years of high intensity use.


Due to the high density of the material, the underlay provides excellent performance of underfloor heating. It allows for quick heating and effective use of heat. Parameter R>0,01 m2K/W. The underlay is perfect for both intensive private and commercial use.


It provides easy unfolding, spreads like a carpet and closely adheres to the floor. Additionally printed cutting lines – CUTTING LINES, facilitate precise cutting to the required shape.

Dimension: 6m x 1m / 6m2
Material: PUM
Thickness: 1,3 mm
Form: Roll
EAN: 5905167832370


Basic underlay for vinyl panels

AFIRMAX VINYL SMART underlay provides strength parameters required by most manufacturers (CS>300kPa). Underlay made of high density XPS, can be used for underfloor heating, ensures efficient use of energy. The accordion form facilitates proper application, making it easy for even an untrained do-it-yourself enthusiast to install this underlay without any problems.

Dimension: 8,5m x 1,18m / 10m2
Material: XPSHD
Thickness: 1,0 mm
Form: Harmonica
EAN: 5905167836965