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Our vinyl panels are not only waterproof, ideal for underfloor heating and extremely durable. They are above all beautiful! With the greatest care we select the most beautiful varieties of wood from all over the world and faithfully reflect their character. Everything Get to know our exceptional laminate collections, prepared with your home in mind. In the BiClick collection you will find classic shades of natural oak to match any interior. In the LEGNAR collection you will find bold, modern designs in line with the latest trends. The LEGNAR collection offers a bold, modern design in line with the latest trends, enhanced by an innovative groove that transfers the wood grain to the edge of the panel just as it is in real wood.

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229 MM x 1220 MM
Size : 229 x 1220 mm
Utility class: 23, 33
180 MM x 1220 MM
Size : 180 x 1220 mm
Utility class: 23, 32
305 MM x 610 MM
Size : 305 x 610 mm
Utility class: 23, 32
457 MM x 914 MM
Size : 457 x 914 mm
Utility class: 23, 32

The most modern click vinyl flooring on the market

They have a rigid, extremely durable core, which conducts heat very well. The base of Afirmax floors is HD Mineral Core, a solid core based on natural rock minerals and modern polymers. It provides exceptional impact resistance and conducts heat very well. That is why Afirmax floors made in this technology are as beautiful as wood and as practical as ceramic tiles. In appearance they are indistinguishable from real wood, and in use they resemble ceramic tiles. Dimensional stability allows to lay up to 200m2 of panels, without the need for any dilatation. So there is no need to put thresholds or profiles in doors.

Professional quality of underlays

AFIRMAX PROTECTOR underlays are made from a combination of polyurethane and minerals. The highest quality, without any compromise. At the same time they perfectly soften the sound of panels clattering and extend the life of the floor. Perfectly suited for underfloor heating. An underlay, where you can hear the difference! Ideal for all types of laminated panels and three-layer boards. Another of our product is AFIRMAX LVT PROTECTOR underlay, dedicated for vinyl flooring (LVT. RIGID, SPC), including AFIRMAX flooring. It is perfect for underfloor heating and for protection of the precise locking system of the panels.

Vinyl flooring – key benefits

Water resistance is the most frequently mentioned feature when we talk about vinyl floors and their distinguishing characteristic. This feature makes it possible to install this flooring in any room: in the kitchen and even in the bathroom. We do not have to worry about accidentally spilled drinks, spilled water or even a mess caused by our pets. This flooring does not react to water, does not absorb it, does not delaminate, does not swell. It’s similar to ceramic tile or stoneware in this regard. Vinyl flooring is also trouble-free to use. Because it’s waterproof, you can clean it with a wet mop, or any other common product. There is no need for special cleaning products. Vinyl flooring is anti-static so it doesn’t attract dust. The wear layer protects it against damage and dirt, so there is no need for periodic maintenance. A vinyl floor doesn’t need to be sanded, oiled or waxed. It’s a truly hassle-free floor.

Water underfloor heating

While building your house you surely considered – or maybe already decided – to install floor heating. No wonder, it’s environment friendly (water is heated to lower temperatures, so less energy is consumed) and in addition we can get rid of space-consuming radiators. Thinking about the efficiency of the heating system, it’s important to consider how to prepare the floor. It should conduct heat as well as possible. Vinyl panels are ideal for this purpose. Vinyl panels with a mineral core, such as Afirmax BiClick, combined with a dedicated underlay mean savings of even couple hundreds euros in each heating season.

Kitchen’s floor without any fear of damage.

Apartment designs in the 21st century usually favour open spaces. Open kitchens or halls connected with the living room optically enlarge the apartment. To emphasize this effect we need an uniform flooring. That is why vinyl click flooring is perfect for modern interiors. The most modern panels, those made of a mineral core, can be laid in a floating system up to 200 m2 without additional dilatation. Which in practice means no thresholds or profiles. Even in doorways!

Wooden flooring or parquet from your dreams.

Wooden flooring or parquet equals a real, true flooring. Thanks to modern production technologies, vinyl panels faithfully reproduce the most beautiful varieties of wood. Carefully selected colors and grains of the most magnificent varieties of oak from all over the world can become a part of our interior. Timeless natural oak will suit almost every interior. If you want to know more about vinyl flooring, check out the frequently asked questions, tips and articles written by experts – check out the GUIDE tab.


Utility class of vinyl flooring

Afirmax panels have an usability class of 23/32, which means that they can be used in any, even the most intensively used room in the house.
– for example in the kitchen, hallway, entrance hall or staircase. According to the European standard EN 13329, the abrasion class is only one element that defines the usability class. In addition, in order to be allocated to a specific class of use, the flooring must also be impact resistant, stain resistant etc. To achieve a usability class 23, the floor must pass a test called the chair test (according to EN 425). This is a very aggressive but reliable test. It simulates long-term, intensive use of the panels. It checks the resistance of the locks and the whole flooring system – the panels and the underlay combined.


According to the European standard EN 16354 and the recommendations of flooring manufacturers, flooring underlays should meet a number of technical requirements. The standard describes all important parameters of underlays and specifies appropriate test methods. The standard obliges to inform about six basic parameters of the underlay. The three most important characteristics are related to strength and have a direct impact on the durability of the floor. Failure to use a proper underlay under the panels may negatively affect the possible complaints and reclamations. The most important technical parameters are the dynamic load (DL): the underlay should pass a minimum of 10,000 test cycles. The second is the static load parameter (CS), and the third one is the parameter which describes the compensation of irregularities of the subfloor (PC).

Underlayments also have the effect on the improvement of the performance of the floor.

Among other things, they are responsible for reducing impact sounds in the rooms where the floor is installed (RWS), most commonly referred to as sound proofing. We also have a second type of sound insulation – the reduction of sounds in the room below the one where the floor is installed. An important element that characterizes the underlay is the thermal transmittance parameter (R). It determines the insulation properties or the suitability of the underlay for underfloor heating. Effective underfloor heating also means no losses caused by the thermal resistance of the underlay.

Afirmax underlays are the highest quality products at an affordable price.

The Afirmax brand includes top quality polyurethane-mineral underlays manufactured in Poland.

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